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Uniquely Me

By on Dec 7, 2010 in Windows Phone | 0 comments

As I thought I would, I love it. The more I use my Windows Phone 7, the more I love it.  It really hit me getting ready for work this morning: I love this OS because it is a direct reflection of ME.

When I look at the start page, I see myself in it.  My family, friends and other assorted loved ones, the last music artist I listened to, a photo from my pictures, my XBOX Live Avatar – it’s all there, reminding my that this is my phone.

When I look at my iPhone now I see…Apple. Well, I’ve always seen Apple, but the awareness of that is much more acute now. Yes, I put the icons where I wanted them and grouped them according to my preferences, but when I looked at the phone I felt no real connection to it.

It is my iPhone, but my Windows Phone 7 is me.

In the end, that is the real strength of this OS – its ability to create an emotional connection with the user – and one Microsoft needs to really work to exploit in its marketing. The whole “don’t look at your phone” angle is great, but in the end, counterproductive to some extent. People need to look at the phone to create that emotional connection with it. Ain’t irony grand?

I am quite unhappy continuing to carry around two phones due to the initial lack of support for hidden networks, but it hasn’t once occurred to me when I get frustrated with that to ditch my new phone. All I can think is “I wish I could get rid of this iPhone now.”  And speaking as someone that pined for an iPhone for 3 years, that’s a great place for Microsoft to be in.  Of course, your mileage may vary.