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Cautions about the leaked Mango 7720 Build

Cautions about the leaked Mango 7720 Build

By on Aug 13, 2011 in Windows Phone | 4 comments

If you haven’t already heard, the official Windows Phone Mango RTM Build 7720 leaked on XDA today. Pretty cool, but be aware of the following:

1. If you are currently on NoDo (7390, 7392), updating using the instructions on XDA voids your warranty. Every dev that updated to Mango Beta 7661 and 7712 via Microsoft Connect had to sign-off understanding that would be the case. This is no different.

2. This is NOT a retail carrier OEM release. This is strictly the Mango OS RTM, what the carriers received from Microsoft. Carriers will update drivers, custom software, etc. with their final Mango release that comes through the non-beta Zune update process.

3. If you do update your device to the leaked Mango RTM, you WILL HAVE TO RESTORE VIA ZUNE to the previous retail carrier OEM version to receive your carrier’s Mango release. There is no update path from this leaked build to the retail OEM release.

4. In order to restore your warranty (as any of the Mango beta users can attest) you MUST restore to your pre-beta state using your Zune backup.

The image on the right is a good way to visualize the process for moving between betas, leaked RTM and retail OEM releases.

My advice: If you have not experimented with the Mango public betas (7661 and 7712) DON’T UPDATE YOUR DEVICE to this leaked build. This is risky and not for the novice. I have an unlocked Dell Venue Pro that I use as a developer unit and a locked Samsung Focus as my production unit and I applied this update to the DVP only. For all intents and purposes, even though this leaked build is the RTM build, I consider it a just another beta – the carrier OEM release is the final, real deal.


Some folks around other blogs have suggested that since this leaked build is version 7.10.7720.68 and the builds on OEM devices running Mango have shown up in the wild running 7.10.7720.500, it may well be that upgrading from this leaked build to the carrier OEM Mango release is possible.

Add to that the recent suggestion that Microsoft is updating employee devices to the RTM build and would want a natural path to the carrier OEM release for their folks, it may well be I am wrong and upgrading to the carrier OEM releases without restoring to NoDo will be possible. However, I am not counting on that and, for safety sake, I don’t recommend you do either.