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Microsoft and Nokia should take advantage of Googorola

By on Aug 19, 2011 in Windows Phone | 0 comments

Google snapping up Motorola Mobility certainly does change things in the smart phone landscape. With Google now both a hardware and Android software vendor, Samsung, LG, HTC, et al, should seriously consider expanding their Windows Phone offerings.

The assurances from Google that this won’t really change anything for those OEMs and their investment in Android? BULL! Don’t believe it! Hedging your bets is the best thing to do, and Windows Phone is now the only viable alternative to Android with webOS exiting stage right and RIM being…well, RIM.

Well, what about this Microsoft/Nokia relationship? Wouldn’t that preclude the other OEMs cozying up to Microsoft and Windows Phone? Not necessarily. Deals change. And Microsoft and Nokia could work something out that allowed Microsoft to offer the other OEMs a similar deal to jump on board the Windows Phone bandwagon.

These incentives would likely exclude most of the the IP that Nokia is bringing to that relationship, but it could include the close collaboration on marketing and shared road map development elements of the deal. Nokia could also offer up the integrated app store and billing, allowing all Windows Phone OEMs to join together to create one “Super App Store” – one-stop shopping for all Windows Phone devices for apps.

Whatever the end result might look like, Microsoft and Nokia have a tremendous opportunity here. Nokia’s survival depends on the success of the Windows Phone platform. That serves as an incentive to Nokia to work with Microsoft to craft an offer to the other OEMs that brings them on board without giving too much competitive ground up.

Windows Phone everywhere is good for everyone.