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Introducing the AdDuplex Developer Advocate Program

By on Oct 20, 2014 in AdDuplex | 0 comments

I’ve got a bit of exciting news to share! AdDuplex has partnered up with Catchy Agency to begin driving adoption of the AdDuplex cross-promotion ad exchange network. Leading this push will be the new AdDuplex Developer Advocates, one of which is ME! Myself (West US), along with Rob Irving in the East US and Matt Lacy in the UK, are being led by the infamous Rich Dunbar (formerly leader or the Nokia/Microsoft Windows Phone Ambassador program), who is now Outreach Manager for Catchy Agency. I’m pretty excited by the opportunity and grateful to have been selected.

So, what is AdDuplex?

AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows Store and Phone apps and games. It empowers developers and publishers to promote apps for free by helping each other. The service was founded in January 2011 by Alan Mendelevich and has grown to be a significant resource for developers to cross promote their apps.

How does it work?

You add our AdControl to your application and start serving ads for other apps. They serve ads for your app in return. It’s that simple.

What’s the exchange ratio?

The ratio is 8:10 (80%). This means for each 10 ads displayed in your app 8 of your ads will be displayed in other apps. The remaining 2 ads will be sold to support the service.

How do I get started?

Join me every Tuesday night at 6 PM Pacific Time for an Introduction to AdDuplex! Between 10/21 and 11/18 I’m holding a series of Google Hangouts where you’ll learn all about the cross-promotion exchange network and how AdDuplex can help you find an audience for your app, build up your downloads and your reputation as a Windows Phone developer. We’ll also dive into some code! I’ll show you how you can integrate AdDuplex into your Windows Phone apps with just a few lines of C# and XAML.


If you’re new to AdDuplex I have a great incentive to get you started! Just attend one of these online introductions or contact me via Twitter or email (Robert *AT* catchyagency *DOT* com) to get a special promo code BEFORE you create your AdDuplex account. This promo code will give you an introductory exchange ratio of 9:10 (90%!) across all your registered and published AdDuplex apps for 6 months! If you’re already using AdDuplex in your apps, let me know! I want to do everything I can to help you achieve success using AdDuplex.

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You can read the official AdDuplex Developer Advocate press release here: