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AdDuplex Resource Guide

By on Nov 11, 2014 in AdDuplex | 0 comments

Interested in adding AdDuplex to your Windows & Windows Phone apps? Well here are all the best resources pulled together into one spot to get you started!

Get AdDuplex

To work with AdDuplex, you’ll need to download the appropriate control for your project. You can find everything you need under one roof right here. Each of the links below will get you started on basic installation and usage of AdDuplex in a variety of Windows/Windows Phone projects.

Where Else Can I Use It?

If you like to write games using Unity, you can easily incorporate AdDuplex into your project. AdDuplex’s founder Alan Mendelevich has put together a great tutorial on how to do that.

AdDuplex Developer Advocate Rob Irving has prepared a great tutorial showing how you can use AdDuplex in your App Studio projects.

What about removing ads?

You’re covered there too! Check out this tutorial from AdDuplex’s own Darius Vilčinskis. Darius demonstrates how easy it is to add an ad removal button overlaid right on top of an ad, so you don’t have to waste space with a separate menu option. It also helps your users pay you to remove ads more easily!

See it in action with this sample Project – AdDuplex XAML Ad Removal Button (Universal AdDuplex SDK Required)

Learn More

Stay up to date with AdDuplex Blog and Twitter accounts.

Need help? Contact any of the AdDuplex Developer Advocates for assistance! We’re always ready to step in with a helping hand to get you up and running on AdDuplex. You can also find a lot of helpful information, demonstrations and other useful facts right on the AdDuplex website under Support.